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EUBSA BV Inc. - BSG Recruitment Department and Human Resources - Welcome to our web site - security recruitment worldwide

This web site offers access to information regarding employment opportunities within our company and the BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP.

If you have any queries at all, please contact us via our feedback form. Thank you for your visit!

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Access for active EUBSA/BSG team members ONLY!

You are looking for employment in the security industry?

We offer you several ways to realize your new career in a short time:

join our employment data base - low fee, worldwide coverage within the BSG network - get those jobs soon!

In need of professional security operators or security services? We offer you a complete range of top notch security service!

Get listed and licensed as a EUBSA/BSG partner and benefit from top dollar service and bottom dollar fees.

learn more and contact our contractor officer (clients and contractors ONLY, please)
the EUBSA "ERT" team

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