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The Brillstein Security Group (BSG) is a large global network of over 250 licensed partner companies in about 50 different countries.

EUBSA/BSG are active in all areas of private security including (but not limited to) private military, investigation, protection, intelligence, security management and training. Once admitted to our staff and being member of an active team, the BSG/EUBSA operators have a wide choice of career options worldwide.

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    EUBSA BV Inc. Recruitment/Human Resources

Our department is in charge of all matters concerning our staff, the handling of
employment applications, sub-contracting to partner companies, background vetting regarding  staff and applicants and finally we are in charge of the new career data base.

EUBSA/BSG is structured unlike most other security companies. To enhance our internal security, as well as the security of our operators and clients, EUBSA is to be considered a wide network of a number of companies both within and outside the security industry. EUBSA is thus compartmentalized and more likely than not will the EUBSA operators officially be working for a different company, than EUBSA. This way, we protect out clients, provide for high internal security, and thus protect our operators, too. The possibility to infiltrate the inner core of our company is thus extremely small for any intruder; in this new world of terrorism, the extra internal security is of paramount importance.

We are not political, we are independent and, as an administration, we are very flexible and able to react quickly to serve our clients.

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