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recruitment - vacancies - job offers and application for any such positions

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS AND INFORMATION - we arecurrently hiring specialized staff in these areas...

EUBSA BV Inc. is the central member of the BRILLSTEIN SECURITY GROUP. We provide a wide range of professional security services, some hard to find elsewhere. We are not the average security company. We work within a compartmentalized structure to ensure a high degree of internal security. We are NOT government affiliated, but fully independent and unbiased. However, having said that, we DO support the war against terror, no doubt.

In order to successfully apply for a position with us, you need to be fully trained and experienced to engage in the chosen line of security work (if you are looking for TRAINING, please visit www.bs-academy.com). We have established the following categories and preferences, roughly in that order from top down:

  1. you are professionally trained by some sort of official agency or military branch or law enforcement agency PLUS you have received crossed-trained by signing up for one of the BSA special study/training courses (PASO, PIO, PMO, PII, PPO or PTD – these cover CP work, private military, air/maritime security, investigation and intelligence) and are ready for deployment 
  2. you have successfully completed one of the BSA special study/training courses (PASO, PIO, PMO, PII, PPO or PTD – these cover CP work, private military, air/maritime security, investigation and intelligence) and are ready for deployment
  3. you are professionally trained by some sort of official agency or military branch and you have an active security clearing with US, British or Israeli government PLUS you have successfully completed the EUBSA Selection and Examination Course
  4. you are professionally trained by some sort of official agency or military branch and you have an active security clearing with US, British or Israeli government and are ready for deployment
  5. all else

You should

    • be in good physical shape
    • be between 25 and 45 years of age, depending on the exact area of security you are applying for (
    • have no health problems
    • be willing to learn, to adopt and to fit into a team
    • have no problem with continuing to study and train new elements all the time
    • read this entire web site and the info on www.eubsa.com before you apply for any position

A ground rule of our HR department is (with only rare exceptions) that you will always start working on a trainee or assistant level for the first 6 months – no matter WHAT you did before.

We have mentioned before that we are independent and not government affiliated. We are thus very flexible in making decisions, dealing with clients and so forth. The “downside” of it is that we are not operating with the extremely large budgets some governments are spending on certain projects. This in turn may mean that POSSIBLY we are not able to pay the highest salaries – after all, we don’t have millions of taxpayer’s money to spend. The UPSIDE is, however, that when certain political developments may make it necessary to terminate contracts for some government-affiliated companies (as will happen in Iraq and elsewhere relatively shortly), we will not be associated with that and we will not be the “bad guys” since we’re NOT involved directly with certain governments or agencies. Every coin has two faces. We are not depending on the Iraq war to continue in order to stay in business.

Please note that if you are in it JUST for the money and highest salary is mainly what you are looking for, then we might not be the best option for you. Money DOES play an important role, no doubt about that, but our central policy is to think and plan long-term and try not to burn bridges behind us… There IS more than just Iraq. Private security is much bigger than just THAT kind of work.

You may be able to make MORE money per year elsewhere, but then again you will soon be chasing jobs when your 6 month or so contract is over… We are giving you an honest and fair evaluation. You decide what your own private policy is; just the quick dollar or a long-term commitment.

As you know, we are much more of a network than just an ordinary company. That means: within the BSG network (of which EUBSA is an integral part) there are literally hundreds of affiliated companies, some independent, some “daughter companies” of EUBSA. In this compartmentalized manner, we can provide a high degree of internal security, shield our clients and team members and we are not forced, speaking for EUBSA, to act on the front line with our own company name. More likely than not, our name won’t even be mentioned.

We need to enforce strict confidentiality in order to keep things that way. Our employees are being asked, as part of the contract, to keep strict confidentiality about their work, their employer and their position. In fact, most team members of active teams within the private military, close protection and intelligence wings live under some form of “cover”. They may NOT divulge to any third person or party that they are working for EUBSA. Thus, it is mandatory that you can keep this silence and that you are able to live that sort of "legend".

Interpersonal skills, professional presentation vis-à-vis the client, team skills and the ability to properly communicate with others, and the desire to serve a “higher purpose” (e.g. the client’s interest) are also quite important. You should not just look for a “job”, but a true profession and vocation with a long-term commitment. We are not offering short-term jobs for 6 months etc. We are looking for the right kind of staff to work with us for a long time. Because of that, we need to select our staff VERY carefully.

Finally, we make it a point that each EUBSA team member keep training all the time. We will offer plenty of opportunity to cross-train, to study and to learn. Security in general is a highly dynamic line of work, things move all the time. In private security, you need to constantly adapt to new developments and you need to be able to work in more than just one area, since at certain times there simply may not be contracts available in just one specific area – you MUST be flexible enough to act accordingly. You must realize that there are big differences between working for an army or government agency and working in the private industry.

You need to speak English well enough to operate and communicate entirely and with ease in English. This is an indispensable requirement. There’s no way around this. Even though we may offer German, French, Spanish web pages dealing with recruitment, English will still be the central, main language. In international security, you can’t successfully operate long-term without a good knowledge of the English language. Communicate and apply with us in English, please.

Please DO NOT send in your application to 10 different of our e-mail addresses... ALL our BSG network partners share the same internal HR department; all applications will finally end up in the HR dep't, so it won't raise your chances to e-mail us a dozen times. Once your application has been reviewed, the officer in charge will contact you! It will NOT help to send in more than one application!  

you can contact us any time via our secure feedback form - please address all communication regarding employment to the HR department ONLY. Thank you. All other attempts to apply for any position will be ignored!

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